The individual opportunities of a great collective project

After a trajectory where we have accumulated experience, knowledge and business synergies and have learned to detect the needs of professionals and companies, we launch our most ambitious project. A value multiplier nucleus will grow around this project for companies, managers and specialists in the most determining matters within the current organizational and productive scenario.

EGADE (Galician School of Business Development) is much more than a Business School, it was born with the intention of going beyond higher education. Leadership development, as well as training value at the highest level for management ranks, and the latest developments in new technologies, will be worked on and contextualized in five scenarios: business, tourism and culture, logistics, marketing and sport. All of them are key in an environment with as much potential as the Galician territory and exportable to any international arena.

As it happens in all areas of life, synergies become a fundamental stage to create opportunities. Opportunities that are important, and almost responsible, to take advantage of. This is what happens with the creation of EGADE, the sum of different factors and the union of individual potential to turn it into a great collective project with a priority objective: to develop the professional and business potential of Galicia.


The value of a common goal

Both its founders, who represent the sum of concerns to give value to each project that we are developing, as teachers and collaborators, professionals and companies, even students and clients, who will take advantage of each of the opportunities that EGADE will launch through of the numerous formative and relational actions. All of us who make up this community know that the great value of a society and its territory is the development of the potential of its organizations.